VE4SCU UHF Repeater

***Mar 2019 UPDATE ***

VE4SCU Bench Testing

The DR-1X Fusion repeater (formerly VE4MER), has now been reassigned for use at a new repeater site in Steinbach.

Frequency is 444.725+ and requires a CTCSS tone of 127.3 for access. Currently running at home on the test bench on my tower at about 60 feet.

Connected to Wires-X room 21578 (NWO ARES).

Recently Gord (VE4GLS) and Darcy (VE4DDW) did a site inspection at the Steinbach Credit Union in downtown Steinbach. We have confirmed that we have all the necessary parts to complete the installation. It's going to be amazing site!

Installation planned for late March 2019.

View from the repeater site






Estimated repeater coverage from mobile

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