VE4SCU UHF Repeater

Repeater Status: Online

Frequency - 444.725+
CTCSS - 127.3 for TX and RX
Mode - Yaesu Fusion Auto Mode Select (AMS). This allows both analog and digital users to use the repeater and talk to each other.
Wires-X - Connected to room 21578 (NWO ARES).


On April 3rd 2019, Gord (VE4GLS) & Darcy (VE4DDW) finally got time to visit the new repeater site to install all of the equipment. The repeater site is one of the tallest structures in Steinbach, giving us an unobstructed view of the horizon in all directions.

We installed a 4-Bay folded dipole (commercial grade) antenna, mounting it to a conveniently placed railing near an air handling unit. Since we had plans to utilize Wires-X for linking, we also installed 5 GHz microwave link for Internet access from a local commerical provider.

The repeater is linked full-time to the NWO ARES room (21578). This room has about 10 other nodes connected, including:

  • VE4UMR - VHF in Winnipeg
  • VA4ART - UHF in Winnipeg
  • VE4COR - VHF north of Winnipeg
  • Numerous repeaters in NWO (Sioux Narrows, Kenora, Dryden, etc)

Currently our local repeater is set in AMS mode which means you can use either digital or analog on the local repeater, and talk to other users locally regardless of their operating mode.

The WIRES-X system is currently set in ANALOG mode. This means that local analog users will be transmitted across the WIRES-X links, however Digital users will be LOCAL ONLY (not heard across the link). Unfortunately the Yaesu system has this limitation. We have the option of reversing this, where analog users would be local only, and digital users would go across the link. This can be changed based on feedback of the local users.

Any Fusion user can also connect their own personal node to the same room (21578), to be connected to the other nodes. This is particularly useful if you travel or have a vacation destination and wish to stay connected. This requires either your own HRI-200 or the correct Yaesu radio and cable.

Mounting the antenna

The antenna mount is very close to the location of the repeater cabinet, allowing us to use inexpensive LMR400 cable. The total cable lenth was less than 50 feet!

Antenna from the rooftop

Here you see the open cabinet. From the top:

  • Lenovo laptop (W10) for Wires-X software and connection
  • Firewall/router for our 10/10 mbps Intenet connection from WiBand Communications
  • Duplexer & HRI-200 (Wires-X)
  • Power Distribution Unit (PDU)
  • DR-1X Yeasu repeater

Repeater cabinet - Open

The repeater cabinet is closed and our UPS is sitting on top for some ballast:-)

Repeater cabinet - closed

The repeater is located in a mechanical room on the roof. It's a great location with a short cable run and room to work (which is rare). And it's CLEAN!

Repeater Cabinet

Looking North-West from the rooftop

Line of Sight

Our hosts at the Steinbach Credit Union have been very supportive and helpful to us throughout this process. And a special big thanks to Denis from the City of Steinbach for making the necessary introductions for us.

Estimated repeater coverage from mobile

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