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Mobile Emergency Communication (VE4MEC) was officially incorporated as a non-profit club in the spring of 2012. Soon after that we became an affiliated club as part of the Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC).


The idea of the club came in 1999 when a group of amateurs were approached to provide communication support for the Eco-Adventure race, hosted by Fort Whyte Alive, a local business which focuses on environmental education and recreation. For the first couple of years we utilized 2m simplex and a combination of 2m & 70cm using cross-band repeat station.

VE4MEC DirectorsAs the event matured, we followed by establishing a dedicated repeater station for the event, along with a set of standard operating procedures to follow. This change resulted in our first UHF repeater (VE4MER). The Ritron Responder was adequate, but the very low quality internal duplexer caused substantial desense problems. This meant that after a few years of use it was sold and a new portable repeater was built to replace the Ritron. The repeater has been in use since 2005, and continues to serve us well.

During the winter of 2011 we realized that there was some obvious benefits to being a more formalized club. We therefore set out to complete all the necessary paperwork to become an incorporated entity, and RAC-Affiliated club. In summer of 2012 the process was complete, and the legal entity "D&R Mobile Emergency Communication Inc" was formed.

As a newly formed club station we hosted our very first ARRL Field Day event in St Pierre-Jolys in August 2012. For an inaugural event we were very sucessful with over 500 contacts from only one HF station. In addition, we had two young non-hams who, throughout the weekend, made a number of contacts. Hopefully this is a catalyst to them becoming licensened amateurs.

We plan to continue with community service events as they arise, and maintain an active presense in other amteur radio related services.

Please feel free to leave comments or ask questions by visiting our Contact Us page.


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