Visit to the 60th Scout Group

In October of 2012 the 60th Scout Group was attending the Jambore On The Internet (JOTI). One member (Jeffrey Kazuk) was not able to attend, because he was taking a course to help him become a licensed amateur radio operator. While Jeffrey was explaining this to the Akela, the idea of some of the VE4MEC club members coming for a visit was discussed.

The end result was Richard VE4KAZ, Glen VE4GWN, and Rosi VE4YYL doing a demonstration for the 60th scout troup on Monday October 22nd. They setup a VHF station along with an HF station on 40m. A SKED was setup with Darcy VE4DDW about 80km away, to talk live to the kids. Conditions held out long enough for everyone to get a quick chance to talk. It was a fabulous experience for both the scout troup and the club.

Here are some photos of the event.


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